Doctors stress good hygiene ahead of Christmas holiday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - During the holiday season the more, the merrier. However, having a house full of family can cause you to feel under the weather. Dr. Shane Speights at St. Bernards said there are several things you can do to stay healthy this holiday.

"I always want to promote a lot of hand washing, and to have some alcohol based rubs to keep your hands clean and to sanitize them," said Speights.

Speights strongly suggests getting your flu shot before being around family.

"If you don't want to get the flu shot for yourself, get it for the person you could affect," said Speights.

Always make sure to properly clean up the kitchen after cooking a holiday meal.

"When you're dealing with any raw meats, be sure to clean up the contaminated surfaces in the kitchen," said Speights.

All smokers should make sure they are far enough away from others, because the second hand smoke will affect the immune system.

"It can actually inhibit your ability to fight off infection, disease and the common cold," said Speights.

Although, it's the last thing you want to do, physical activity really can make a big difference.

"If you can continue any exercise programs, just some walking after that holiday meal to kind of get your blood pumping, that will actually keep you healthy as well," said Speights.

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