Salvation Army in desperate need of donations this holiday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An organization known for their giving says they now need you to help them continue doing so. During their busiest season, Mother Nature hasn't played nice so the Jonesboro Salvation Army has less than 48 hours to make up a lot of lost time to continue doing what they do best.

It's been one thing after another for the Jonesboro Salvation Army this year according to Major Eugene Gesner.

"It's been a tough year. We knew it would be a tough one so we were only hoping to make as much as we did last year," Gesner told Region 8 News.

However, it doesn't look like that will happen. Gesner explained it started with a late Thanksgiving holiday.

"We lost almost a week of kettle time because of that."

Since then, it's been a continual hit from Mother Nature.

"With the ice storm, we lost a whole weekend and except for Black Friday weekend, we've had rain every weekend," Gesner said.

Not ideal shopping conditions, which in turn, is not ideal for the Salvation Army. Now, during their busiest donation season, they're thousands of dollars behind schedule.

"So our kettles are running about $17,000 behind last year's total," Gesner said.

As kettles are picked up Christmas Eve night, giving citizens less than two days left to drop money in those red kettles.

It's spelling trouble for the organization that's currently using what little funds they have on helping people out this winter.

"Shelter has been extra expensive because we've had people stay in whole days at a time for a warm place to go so the utilities are up, the food bill is up, everything is up," Gesner said.

With everything up and donations down, Gesner said it will hit them in 2014.

"Summer's where we end up falling short and really having a tough time meeting the need."

Major Genser stressed that of course, all donations are welcome to the kettles, whether it's quarters, dimes or nickels.

Gesner asks anyone who can spare just a bit more, to help them out this holiday so they can continue to help others next year.

You can also make a text donation by dialing 80888 with the word "kettle" in the text, and your donation will go to the nearest red kettle in your area.

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