Alicia family loses home to fire on Christmas Eve

ALICIA, AR (KAIT)- An Alicia family arrived home on Christmas Eve night to find their home up in flames.

The fire crew told the family the fire started in the shed behind the house but the cause is unknown.

"We came down the road and I saw a big thing of smoke me and the kids, I had all the kids with me," Phillip George said.

And as the George family got closer to their home they noticed the fire crews on their street and their home up in flames.

"He said it started back here in the corner where the garage was and in the garage was a 220 plug-in for a welder and a bunch of plug-ins, and grinders and grills," he said.

George said the "things" are not what's important.

"I got my family, and I got my wife and kids and we'll make it," he said.

The family recently moved and was hoping to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home.

"I don't know we're still in shock, I don't know how to explain anything I guess," said Tammy George.

A family friend reached out to Shawntae Edgar at First Church of God in Paragould and sent immediately sent out a Facebook message.

"There have so many contacts that say hey I want to do something, what can we do," Edgar said.

Tammy George said she couldn't believe all the help they've received from the community.

"I'm overwhelmed, I mean they came last night and bought a truck load of clothes and stuff and it's like it's never going to stop, they just kept bringing and bringing and bringing," Tammy said.

"We've set up an account with Unico bank as well so they can do monetary donations," Edgar said.

She said the holidays are about helping others who need it the most.

"There's a family that lost all of their Christmas," Edgar said. "It's just about doing what's right, what God put us on earth to do."

Edgar said they are still taking donations at First Church of God Paragould Thursday to Saturday. The family is still in need of household items.

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