Fans head to NEA Tournament for love of the game

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There's a lot of basketball that goes on at the Convocation Center over the Christmas break and a lot of fans show up to cheer on their respective team but many show up for the love of the game.

"I just enjoy basketball," Rick Hagood told Region 8 News.

Hagood hasn't always just been a fan in the stands though, the former head coach for the Pocahontas boys basketball team has been to the NEA Tournament a time or two.

"I coached for 29 years and of course it's a tradition throughout this entire part of the state," Hagood said. "It's something from a coaching and as a fan standpoint, playing here, it's just something that's become a tradition throughout the years."

Tradition too for Curtis Shatley and his family.

"I like to see how well the schools are going. My son graduated from Nettleton in '94 and played sports out here so I like to come and see what level the kids are playing at now," Shatley said.

His son in law Rich Martin came in from Colorado from the holidays. Even though he's not familiar with the teams or players, he enjoys coming to the tournament as well.

"We're from Colorado Springs, we come in to see him once a year," Martin said. "Love basketball, love to watch it."

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