JPD: Your holiday trash could make you a target

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Jonesboro Police are telling residents to think twice before putting empty Christmas boxes and bags on the curb for trash pickup.

Holiday trash could make you a target for burglars.The boxes outside your home could be advertisement to thieves who are on the prowl for new merchandise.

"Thieves know that this is a good time of year people are getting new presents and getting new valuables," said Lt. Scott Baxter with JPD. "One thing they will look for is empty boxes, particularly any boxes of values, jewelry boxes or electronics, computers, TVs, thing of that nature."

Baxter advises people to keep all boxes and bags out of plain sight.

"Don't have them just sitting out in the garage visible or sitting outside the front door visible," he said."If possible, hold those bags until right at that time you're going to put your  trash out on the curb."

And instead of throwing boxes directly in the trash you should first break them down.

"And put those boxes inside plastic bags," Baxter advises. "Something they can move quickly and get the money they're hoping for."

Baxter said it's also important to make a list of all your valuables.

"That helps the police, it helps the insurance companies, and it could be a benefit all the way around if you've got a good list of items you had and serial numbers to go with those items," he said.

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