People Wait Two Hours for Flu Vaccine

October 14, 2004--Posted 4:30 pm CDT


Jonesboro, AR--People trying to avoid the flu subjected themselves to conditions which could have given them the flu this week at the Medicine Shoppe in Jonesboro.  Hundreds stood outside, in the rain, waiting for room to clear inside.  Their goal was to get either a flu shot or pneumonia shot.

“A lot of people have respiratory illnesses or their like me.”  David Cohn said while standing near the back of the line. “I have asthma and my doctor recommended I get a flu shot for this year.”  Cohn said the line was way too long earlier in the morning.  He came back when the line only stretched to the end of the building.

While the line was long many took the wait in stride.  “Everybody is a little bit cold,” Georgia Davis says. “Nothing is easy in life so we may as well accept it and go on everybody will get in in a little bit.”

If you are looking to get your flu shot still don’t worry, there is still time.  Super D, Walgreens, and Better Health Pharmacy will each be giving flu shots over the next month.