Stolen dog found and returned home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A Facebook post has moved the Region 8 community to help a Jonesboro family locate their stolen dog. Now, Buddy the husky is back at home.

The last time the Anderson family saw Buddy was Christmas Eve night. But the very next day they noticed the spare key hidden outside the house was missing and so was Buddy.

"We took him out on his normal walk on Christmas Eve said our good nights and everything, and the next morning Christmas morning we went over there it was about 6:30," said Mike Anderson.

But when they arrived at their house they knew something wasn't right.

"The hidden key was missing and the door was unlocked and shut but then when we called for Buddy, Buddy wasn't there," he said.

The Anderson family was in the process of moving so they left their Alaskan Husky named Buddy at the old house to keep guard as they were going back and forth.

"He's a very large lap dog, he's an Alaskan Husky and he believes he should be in the middle of your lap at all times," Anderson said.

"He's very playful, when you go outside he's hopping around and jumping around wanting to play constantly," said wife, Tracy.

Mike said he's had Buddy for four years and considers him a part of the family.

"I was single at the time and needed a companion someone that was always there to hangout with and to love up on and to cuddle up on and he was the perfect one," he said.

Tracy posted on Facebook about Buddy missing and soon it went viral.

"All areas of Arkansas, people suggesting look here look there," she said. "We've had a few phone calls to check in to, it's been amazing the support we've had."

The family has a message for the person responsible for taking their dog.

"Please bring him home, he's missed and loved and we have a family that's missing him," Mike said.

The search for Buddy is finally over after several days of searching. He was finally returned home Sunday.

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