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2013 Football Friday Night Superteam

2013 Team of the Year: Pocahontas Redskins

2013 Coach of the Year: Brian Weathers (EPC)**Selected by Fan Vote**

2013 Player of the Year: Cole Sears (Hoxie) **Selected by Fan Vote**


2013 Football Friday Night Superteam



Dillon Turner (Salem)
Kenton Crawford (Batesville)
Reed Wingo (JHS)
Aaron Scales (EPC)
Noah Johns (Valley View)
Dustin Dubar (Nettleton)
Connor Fogle (Melbourne)
Zach Morris (Wynne)




Marcus Mullins (Gosnell)
Jaeger Sullins (Valley View)
Carl Turner (newport)
P.K. Kirk (Pocahontas - Posthumous)
Denzel Mitchell (JHS)
Russel Cox (Corning)

Wide Receivers:

Avery Johnson (Highland)
Jacob Lorenzana (Valley View)
Cole Hicks (Walnut Ridge)
Nick Miller (Melbourne)
Slade Sullins (Hoxie)
Tristan McDaniel (EPC)

Offensive Linemen:

Dillon Cagle (Hoxie)
Ethan Ballard (Gosnell)
Jake Fox (Pocahontas)
Anthony Mems (Earle)
Tyler Gahr (Valley View)

Defensive Linemen:

Daylan Holliday (McCrory)
Chuks Ota (JHS)
Colton Brown (Hoxie)
DeAndre McGill (Wynne)
Markus Lane (Earle)
Garret Denton (Batesville)


Joey Rodriguez (Batesville)
Kamran Seat (Highland)
Jarvis Cooper (West Memphis)
Nick Hall (Westside)
Byron Scales (EPC)
Cole Sears (Hoxie)

Defensive Backs:

Kristen Crite (Newport)
Colton Godsey (Gosnell)
Kani Turner (Rivercrest)
Ashton Nalls (Osceola)
Mickeal Quillman (Westside)
Trevor McDaniel (EPC)


Osvaldo Espericuerta (Batesville)
Garrett Miller (Nettleton)

Congratulations to all of the players who were selected to this years 2013 Football Friday Night Superteam! Our team looks forward to bringing you another season Football Friday Night next season!

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