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New evidence found in Hwy 49 wreck near Halliday

GREENECOUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Police have released new details in a deadly wreck onHighway 49, North of Halliday, that happened December 30, 2013.

Duringthe initial investigation it appeared that the driver of a GMC Acadia, PennyPoole, crossed the center line and hit the drive of a 2006 Dodge car head on.

TheGreene County Sheriff's Department requested an accident reconstruction be donewith the Arkansas State Police.

Duringthat reconstruction, new evidence that was covered up by oil dry during theinitial investigation was found. This evidence showed that Rameca Milburn, thedriver of the Dodge car, had actually crossed the center line and struck Poole'svehicle.

Accordingto the sheriff's department, Poole, of Piggott, died while being flown to aMemphis Hospital.

Two passengers in Poole's car were also airlifted to areahospitals, but their conditions aren't known.

Milburn was also injured in the wreck.

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