How to stick to your fitness goals for the new year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Going to the gym is the most popular New Year's resolution nationwide. It's easier for most people to start off strong but the challenge comes with keeping it going all year long.

For John Campbell, becoming a father was all the motivation he needed to stick with his workout.

"When he grows being able to play with him and he's gonna have a lot of energy so I got to keep my energy levels up so that's probably the number one reason," he said.

Campbell encourages new members to focus on your workout and not those around you.

"Don't come in here and look at people who have been going for years and stuck with it, maybe don't look at those people but base it on yourself," he said. "Keep true to yourself rather than base it on anybody else, I think that's probably the best thing to do."

JJ Ryan is the manager of 10 Fitness in Jonesboro and said they always see an increase in membership around the new year, but it slowly starts to decline around March.

"It's just easier to stay at home, I mean that's just kind of the way it is, that's why some people are going to give up, it's just easier to stay at home," Ryan said.

Most people tend to burn out early before reaching their goal.

"I think a lot of people get discouraged," Ryan said. "They didn't see the results as quick as they thought they would so maybe they worked out 6-7 weeks and got on the scale and only lost a pound."

He said it's all about establishing short term goals that work best for you.

"Maybe my goal is to jog on the treadmill for 20 minutes without stopping and then when you get that short term goal, then move it up to 30 minutes," Ryan said.

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