Man threatens K-9 officer, throws beer can at deputies

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Randolph County deputies tased man after he threw a beer can at deputies and threatened K-9 officer.

According to the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, Steven King, Jr. had lived at a home on Riverside Trail with a woman since January 2013.

Sunday afternoon, around 3:30, police say King arrived at the home shirtless and appeared to be angry. As King walked towards the front door, the woman walked out the back to avoid King.

The woman told the man with King to get him out of the home. Police say King could be heard inside the home throwing things.

According to the Randolph County Sheriff's Department, King came out of the home firing all six rounds of the woman's revolver towards the woods.

Police say King then pointed the woman's rifle at her. She was able to escape in her truck. As she was leaving, a neighbor witnessed king firing shots towards the her.

The neighbor called the woman to tell her that King had left the home. The woman returned to the home and placed the two firearms in her vehicle.

King came back and asked the neighbor to use her phone to call the victim. The neighbor then called police.

Officers found King at the home. Deputies attempted to reason with King, but he would not cooperate. King cussed the officers and threw a beer can at them.

Officers brought in a K-9 officer and King threatened to shoot her. King went in to the home and came back out with a knife.

That's when officers say he came toward them and police tazed him.

He was arrested and charged with possession of firearms by a certain person, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and committing a terroristic act.

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