Officer finds 7 abandoned puppies taped inside box

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A Jonesboro police officer made a startling discovery when he found 7 puppies taped inside a cardboard box near a busy intersection. One of those dogs has died.

Officer John Porbeck discovered the abandoned pups just before 10 a.m. Wednesday near the North Church and Coleman Street intersection stop sign.

"It happens all the time," Sgt. Larry Rogers said with Jonesboro Animal Control.

But Rogers hope people will start to leave any unwanted animals with Animal Control rather than dump them on the street.

"They were very small, they were probably 3 to 4 weeks of age," Rogers said.

The puppies were brought to Animal Control for processing but one puppy later died.

"The other six has heat lamps on them and everything and trying to make them just as comfortable as we possibly can," Rogers said. "We are having to hand feed them and to nurse them."

Porbeck stated in his initial report when he approached the box, which was taped shut with silver duct tape, he could hear the puppies whimpering.

He cut the tape from the box and found the puppies.  Porbeck said there was a small sheet inside the box, but no food or water.

Porbeck put the puppies in the front seat of his patrol car for heat.  He stated the temperature at the time of his discovery was 35 degrees.

"We are working with CID to obtain the fingerprints off the box and see if they can't get fingerprints off any of the tape that's on the box also," Rogers said. "If someone does not find them and bring them to us it is a very long cruel death to these puppies. In this weather right here, they are going to freeze to death and it's a horrible death for them."

Before someone decides to dump an animal Roger advises that they bring it to Animal Control instead.

"We don't have all that much room but still bring them to animal control before they put them out like that or dump them or anything," he said.

The officer was unable to find any evidence to indicate who had abandoned the puppies.  However, there were several things written on the box, including the name "Mistey."

If anyone has any information about these puppies Rogers is asking them to contact Jonesboro Police Department.

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