Flu complications lead to 7 Arkansas deaths

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Dr. William Hurst with St. Bernards First Care Clinic in Jonesboro said the flu activity in the area isn't any different than it's been in previous years. However, the amount of patients they've seen lately has risen.

"As people travel and go to other places like Florida, Texas and back east it seems to make its way here," said Dr. Hurst. "That's why it flares up so quickly."

So far during this flu season, Arkansas has had seven people die from the flu. Although, it can affect people of all ages, the virus can cause more harm to certain people.

"There are so many healthy people in the United States and here in Jonesboro that if they get the flu, they will get sick, but it's older people that have other medical problems that the flu can be catastrophic."

Dr. Hurst said young and healthy or not, everyone needs to get the flu shot.

"The more people you can get to get their flu shot, even young and healthy people, there is a less chance for the people who are more at risk to get it," said Dr. Hurst.

It's not too late to get the flu shot, but getting it before flu season is in full swing is the best way to keep from getting it.

"We always say get the flu shot in November so it has time for the antibiotic to build up and lessen sensitivity to the flu," said Dr. Hurst.

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