Red Wolves take part in GoDaddy Bowl community service project

From Arkansas State University

Several members of the Arkansas State football team, along with mascots Howl and Scarlet, took part in a GoDaddy Bowl community service project on Thursday, visiting the University of South Alabama's Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Ala.

Quarterback Cameron Birse, wide receivers Justin Lovell, William Boyd and Dijon Paschal, linebacker Brad Shearin and running back Kendrick Daniels took a break from the practices and events connected to their upcoming bowl game to visit children on the both pediatric floors at the hospital.  The children had an opportunity to visit with the players, receive autographed gifts and have their pictures taken with the Red Wolves.

"We do things similar to this all the time in Jonesboro, but being able to give back to another community is definitely a great feeling and an opportunity you want to seize," said Birse.  "There are a lot of children here dealing with difficult challenges, but to see the fight in their eyes and what they're are going through really puts thing in perspective and makes you feel really blessed with what you have.  This was another amazing experience down here at the GoDaddy Bowl."

University of South Alabama's Children's and Women's Hospital is among a handful of freestanding hospitals in the United States dedicated specifically to the health care needs of children and women.  Its health care professionals are uniquely qualified and equipped to provide a wide range of therapeutic and surgical services for children and women, be it life-threatening illness, traumatic injury, premature birth or high-risk obstetrical and gynecological needs.

"We've been speaking to the children and families of the children about this, and they've been so excited waiting for the players to get here,"  said Kimberly Thompson-Yaits, a program coordinator at USA Children's and Women's Hospital.  "It's just a break that puts their life back to normal, even though this is a huge event.  It's just something from the outside being brought to them that makes it an even more child-friendly and fun environment.  We thank all the players and mascots for the visit -- it was spectacular."