Cold weather coming, another test for road crews

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- With cold weather in the forecast for this weekend, the Arkansas Highway Department is gearing up for snow covered road conditions.

"We have learned some things, we probably think that we are better organized and got a better organized plan," said District Engineer Walter McMillan.

McMillan said they are re-stocking all their supplies and preparing their trucks for the snow.

"Today we are putting our ploughs and spreaders back on our trucks to get ready," he said. "We already re-stocked our chemical supplies and salt supplies and sand supplies from the ice storm."

On Saturday night McMillan said they will call in road crews to prep some of the bridges. His said this storm is projected to be mild compared to the winter storm.

"It appears this one is going to be more snow when the last one was more freezing rain," McMillan explained. "Clearing the roads of snow is much easier to accomplish."

"If you get to it before it gets packed down then you can pretty well push it off," he said.

But there is one thing this storm will have in common with the ice storm.

"It's going to be extremely cold afterwards, probably colder this time than it was the last time," McMillan said.

McMillan advises drivers to take their time this weekend and allow extra time on the road.

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