Region 8 officers train for active shooter situations

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Law enforcement and emergency medical personnel received active shooter situation training at Trumann High School Friday.

"We're going through every scenario from basically somebody walking inside a school or office building or any type like that with a gun where no shots have been fired and they've been taken into custody, all the way up to a hostage situation and how to address a hostage situation,"said Trumann Police Department Patrolman Jeremy Winkles.

Trumann Patrolman Charles Jones said the training is the first of its kind in Arkansas.

"To our knowledge this is the first time that the training with both law enforcement and EMS has been integrated together at one time in the state."

Jones says the combined training is designed for emergency workers who would respond to active shooter situations in communities similar to Region 8.

"When you're dealing in a predominantly rural environment in a smaller community like Trumann, you don't have the luxury of having numerous advanced life support ambulances available to respond very, very quickly," he said.

"What we have to do is take our personnel that we do have and train them in a very quick assessment and response, and then we integrate our plans with other agencies surrounding so that we've got a very quick response time of them coming in."

Law enforcement and EMS workers from Jonesboro, Leachville and West Memphis trained along with the Trumann Police Department.

"(The) Westside shooting, no one thought that could ever happen and it did, and we're going to do what we can to prepare our guys and our medics for when it does happen," said Winkles.

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