NEA Baptist completes their final mock drill before the real move

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It was an early wake up call Sunday morning for staff at NEA Baptist Hospital. Several members were up at 6am to participate in their final mock drill, to practice moving patients from the old facility to the new one.

"We actually set up where we are going to exit the building, and where we're going to enter at the new facility," said Chief Nursing Officer Paula Grimes.

The mock trials are set up to make sure everyone knows exactly where they need to be to assure all patients are transported safely.

"We actually practiced moving 22 patients," said Grimes. "We had eleven ambulance teams working with us, Medic One and Emerson have both partnered with us through this whole process."

Grimes said  based on the success they had during their final mock drill, she's certain they're more than prepared to transport up to 90 patients.

"We're going to get them there safely and in a timely manner," said Grimes. "The quality and excellent care we provide is not going to stop."

The move will take place Sunday the 12th starting at 6am. The new facility will also open its doors that day. The old hospital will still take in patients, but they are asking the public starting at 6am, that they go to the new facility for all medical care.

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