2 suspected of exposing themselves to employees

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – At a time when most people are putting on more clothes to stay warm, Jonesboro police say a couple of men were busy taking theirs off.  And, in one case, the stripping suspect was caught on camera.

Police are currently investigating two cases of indecent exposure.

The first case was reported on Friday, Jan. 3, by the store manager of Dollar General located at 3619 Stadium Blvd.

The manager said on January 1 a black man, approximately 6'1" in height, came into the store and exposed himself while watching the cashier.  He said the man also masturbated for a brief period of time.

Officer Zach Kaja observed the security video and stated in his initial report he could see the suspect "plainly remove his penis from his pants."  However, he said the suspect never really looked at the camera.

The second case was reported on Saturday, Jan. 4, by an employee of PayLess Furniture.

The victim stated he and another worker were delivering furniture to the 600-block of East Oak around 9:30 a.m. when they reportedly witnessed a white male with a shaved head standing in a window "completely naked and masturbating."

When they returned several hours later they victims stated they saw the suspect, now clothed, standing in the doorway of the apartment doing the same thing.

According to Officer Duane Busby's initial report, the suspect "had his penis hanging out of his front zipper and was shaking it" at the victims as they walked by.

Busby went to the suspect's home and questioned him about the events.

The suspect admitted he had opened the blinds in his bedroom window, but stated he was not naked.  The man told Busby he was "only letting the sunlight in."

The complainant, however, was not able to make a positive identification and the suspect was not charged.

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