Animal control has a warning for those with outside pets

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – With single digit temperatures Jonesboro Animal Control is urging pet owners to take extra care of their furry friends. Sgt. Larry Rogers said if at all possible, it's best to keep your pets inside.

"Just because they have fur on them doesn't mean that it's ok to keep them outside," said Sgt. Rogers. "We worked an incident last week where a small dog had frozen to death outside."

They're making their rounds to keep an eye out for neglected pets, but they still need the community to help be on the lookout.

"The citizens out here they have to be the eyes and ears for us," said Sgt. Rogers."We rely on the citizens so much to help us out because we can't be everywhere all the time."

Sgt. Rogers said abuse and neglect of an animal is not taken lightly. There are serious consequences if you're cited.

"An animal cruelty misdemeanor is punishable up to one year in the county jail and a $1,000 fine," said Sgt. Rogers.

Keeping your pets inside is the best way to keep them safe, but if you can't there are other alternatives.

"Bring them into the garage or shed and put a heat lamp up," said Sgt. Rogers. "Get them out of the wind and stuff."

When it comes to keeping them warm there are a few essentials that can make all the difference.

"Blankets are kind of bad because the dog goes in and out and it will get wet," said Sgt. Rogers. "We recommend straw or cedar chip shavings."

To report animal neglect you can call Jonesboro Animal Control at (870) 935-3920.

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