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Bulloch County prepares for severe weather


Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn isn't expecting snow to fall in Bulloch County, but he fears something much heavier: trees.

"If we see 25 mile per hour winds, especially after rains this morning soften the ground, we could see trees coming down," Wynn said.

Wynn said county crews will be on standby to remove any fallen trees from roads. In addition, power crews are ready if trees land on lines. Wynn is certainly worried some could end up facing the severe cold without heat or electricity.

"In some houses that aren't well insulated in the first place, you take away heat for a period of time and residents could find themselves in trouble," he noted.

Wynn recommended residents without central heat or in poorly insulated homes stay with friends or relatives for the night. He also urged people to stay away from what he called "creative" heating methods.

"People will bring heaters indoors that aren't meant to be used inside. They'll use their oven. Those aren't safe. Sometimes they aren't safe with how they use space heaters. All those things can lead to fires," he stated.

Wynn said the county was in communication with the local chapter of the American Red Cross in case shelters are needed.

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