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Experts recommend caution in dangerous cold


With the temperatures plummeting, there are certain things you need to know to keep your pipes from bursting and your home safely heated.

Chris Troupe, with CTC Plumbing Services, recommended turning off the water at the source going into your home if you can.

If you choose to leave on the water, let it trickle in your faucet.   

Troupe also suggested turning up your thermostat by about 10 degrees.

Your utility bill may be a little higher, but it will cost you much less than a burst pipe.

"It can cause thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands worth of damage," Troupe said.

If you are using a space heater, Capt. Eric Jackson, with the DeKalb County Fire Department, recommended carefully reading the directions, giving it three feet of space on each side and turning it off when you leave home.

"You want to give it some room to breathe," Jackson said. "You definitely don't want to have it where there are a lot of items packed in together."

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