Cuffed suspect runs from police after being arrested for theft

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro Sam's Club employee earned nearly $3,000 in just three weeks, but according to police, she didn't do it legally.

Questionable transactions alerted a Sam's Club asset protection officer to something suspicious going on within the store.

According to a Jonesboro Police Department incident report, the Sam's Club officer began investigating. The officer told police that surveillance video in the store showed employee Shanekwa Taylor had stolen just over $2,800 from 25 different customers in three weeks.

The report states Taylor would take the card numbers and make a small purchase then request cash back for the transaction, usually at $100 a pop.

Jonesboro Police officers went to Sam's Club & placed Taylor in cuffs, yet when they were walking her out to a patrol car, the report states Taylor bolted.

With her hands cuffed behind her back, the police report states Taylor ran from Sam's Club, through the IHOP parking lot, and across Caraway Road. Officers then lost sight of her in the Dixie Cafe and Super 8 Motel area.

Other officers converged on the area though after the foot pursuit was radioed in. Shortly after that, Taylor was spotted and eventually arrested again inside Dixie Cafe.

Police charged Taylor with multiple counts of theft of property through credit card information, fraudulent use of a credit card and one count of fleeing.

Though police say Taylor stole from at least 25 Sam's Club customers, Sam's Club will be the ultimate victim as they will reimburse those customers Taylor allegedly stole from.

This is the fourth time this has happened in less than two months in Jonesboro...

If you'll recall, customers at Kimono, IHOP and McDonalds in Jonesboro had money stolen after employees either altered tips or stole card information...

If you're using a card, there aren't many ways to prevent something like this from happening so it's important to check your bank statements often or, you can simply use cash.

For more tips on credit and debit card safety, you can head to the Arkansas Attorney General's Office website at

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