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Keeping your car safe and running during this weather


We don't need to tell you how cold it is. You know it.  But your car may not.

Conrads in Strongsville has been seeing a lot of dead batteries -- more so than usual.

Manager Mike Molenda says, "The best thing consumers can do especially in vehicles over three years old is have the battery checked and look under the hood and see if there is any erosion."  

Many places like Conrads will check out your battery for free.

But you can avoid the dread of a dead battery if you know what to look for. Molenda says to listen to your automobile. He tells us, "look for slow cranking, clutching, things of that nature."  

And he advises to always have a good set of jumper cables.

Even then, you may still get stranded and if you don't have roadside service you can call the Odot Freeway Service Patrol and they are for free.

Will Carroll drives around looking for stranded drivers and says, "anything from a simple tire change out of gas over hear give them a jump start the basics."

Remember this service is only for people traveling on local interstates. So if need help you can call ODOT's Freeway service at 216-581-2100.

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