How to prevent frozen pipes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Several people woke up this morning to frozen pipes. With temperatures below freezing, the pipes in your home are at risk of freezing and bursting.

Not counting his scheduled appointments, Plumber Herbert Ogles had about ten calls today about frozen or busted pipes. He said the 2009 ice storm was the last he had this many calls.

"All kind of no water calls, which is frozen pipes, several busted pipes," Ogles said.

Ogles Plumbing has been dealing with lots of calls about frozen pipes.

"We have to determine where the break is in it, sometimes we have to fix some that we see and the try to unthaw it like we actually got a heater set up here," he said.

This particular house took a little longer than most because the owner is in the process of remodeling.

"We had to close off the vents, get enough heat to get up the temperature and after fixing one under here, we actually located another one," Ogles said.

But frozen pipes aren't the only thing to worry about in this freezing weather.

"We run into a few frozen meters," he said. "A lot of times that happens when they get a busted pipe, they will turn the meter off and it's off for a while."

Ogles said it important to keep your water running and not just one side.

"Some people think if they've got one faucet running, that's true but if you've got the hot and cold side at one time running will help more than anything because it keeps movement in the pipes," he said.

And make sure your pipes are insulated as much as you can.

"One of the biggest things we run in to is a water hose being, even though it's a frost proof hydrant, it will actually freeze and burst," Ogles said.

And if you're wondering what it costs to replace the busted pipes, Ogles said it depends.

"It could be as small as a service call plus parts so anywhere from 100 and up," he said.

If you discover that your pipes are frozen, be sure to call a plumber immediately to safely thaw them out before they bust.

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