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Attorney General gives opinion on Darr impeachment threat

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Attorney General Dustin McDaniel was in  today to speak about Cyber Crimes in Arkansas but the question of Darr's resignation brought up another issue.

McDaniel said it would be best if the lieutenant governor resigned rather than put the legislature through an impeachment.  Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr announced Tuesday that he would not resign despite his multiple ethics violations.

"Just from a matter of decency and pragmatism I don't think that they want to have to be put through that," said Attorney General Dustin McDaniel."I think the legislature should have to be put through that and I don't think the state should."

Last week Darr agreed with Ethics Commission findings that he violated state ethics and campaign laws 11 times and agreed to $11,000 in fines. Now the House is looking into impeaching Darr if he doesn't leave.

And McDaniel said the time for Darr to address the violations has passed.

"If he thought he could manage it by explanation then that probably should have been done a month or so ago and that time is probably passed," he said. "Now, I think he's a little too far down the road to avoid impeachment other than resignation."

No state official has been impeached since the 1874 constitution.

"It would be a vote in the House then a vote in the Senate." McDaniel said. 

State officials are reviewing rules for the impeachment process.

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