Region 8 schools racking up the snow days

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – For several school districts in Region 8, Thursday was the fourth day this school year classes were cancelled due to weather.

"This morning the highly traveled roads were okay, but the roads in the county, the gravel roads and roads not traveled as much were slick," said Valley View Superintendent Radius Baker.

Baker said road conditions are always their main concern so that students can get to class safely, whether it be by bus or car. However, his biggest concern was the conditions around campus Thursday morning.

"The thing that disturbed us more than anything, were the slick side walks around the schools," said Baker. "We don't want to put the kids in danger."

The decision on whether or not school is cancelled is ultimately decided by the superintendent, but Baker said it's a collaboration between other superintendents in the area.

"There are several superintendents that call each other and visit with each other about how it looks in their district," said Baker. "We try to make a decision that all of us are comfortable with."

Valley View, along with several other districts in the area, has five miss days built in their school calendar. Any additional days needed after that, and the school calendar will need to be adjusted.

"Once we miss five days than we have to reevaluate and make those days up," said Baker. "We'll have to either use one of days we were supposed to be out, or tack it on to the end of the school year."

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