Parker Pioneer Homestead Takes Visitors Back In Time

October 17, 2004--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT

WHITEHALL --Visitors to the Parker Pioneer Homestead are taken back to a time of blacksmiths, horse drawn carriages, and food being cooked over an open flame.

It's a history lesson out of the classroom, you can see how life was back then.......some call it the good ol' days.

Cy Parker helps manage the homestead.

"If you want to see someone make a broom from start to finish we'll do that, if you want to see someone making pork skins we'll do that, squeezing the cane, working the horses, we do that type of stuff out here."

"I grew up in the used to be times, and I remember a lot of the things I used to do around here,"said visitors to the homestead.

Mason jars line the shelves of an old log cabin.

What visitors see as an attraction, is just another day at the office for folks on the homestead.

"We make sorghum, and we do it this time of year. That's when sorghum comes off. You can squeeze your cane, we'll harvest it. We'll make about 200 gallons, and that will be all,"said Parker.

Visitors to the homestead say this a great way to revisit the past, and preserve history for the future.

Returning guests say the Parker Pioneer Homestead gets bigger and better each year.

They say it's exciting what the family will have in store for the years to come.