Woman charged with animal cruelty after dog found in freezing temperatures

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) – A Jonesboro woman was cited for animal cruelty after she left a dog in below-freezing temperatures, according to a Jonesboro Police report. Denise Robinson, 40, of Jonesboro was also charged with no state rabies.

Police were dispatched to 636 West Cherry Avenue, where an officer found a small black pit bull mix in the back yard, tethered to a tree with a short leash. According to the report, the temperature was 13-degrees with an even colder wind chill at the time. The report also stated the dog was emaciated and had no food or water.

In the report, Robinson told police she normally lets the dog outside during the day and brings her back inside at night.

Robinson was told to take the dog to the vet immediately. Robinson was ordered to appear in court on January 15th for plea.

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