Jonesboro mayor gives State of the City address

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Mayor Harold Perrin said the state of the city is good, highlighting Jonesboro's great accomplishments in 2013 in his State of the City address Tuesday afternoon.

Mayor Perrin said the city ended 2013 with a balanced budget, growing population and completed projects.

"Jonesboro has been truly, truly blessed," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said two key objectives led to Jonesboro's success, transportation and public safety improvements.

"We tried to ease up the traffic. That was number one," Perrin said.

The city did this by adding a 911 communications tower, upgrading right turn lanes and traffic signals, and more.

"And also, pretty close to that, was code enforcement," Perrin said.

The city demolished 62 homes and put code enforcement back into the police department.

"That goes back to public safety," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said these two focuses, public safety and transportation, will continue into 2014.

"We're gonna go back and get those lanes in on Caraway and that. That's gonna be a big deal because Kroger will be opening up probably before the end of the year, and there's gonna be more retail there, too," Perrin said.

Johnson Ave. will also experience a facelift, with a new supermarket and medical clinic.

"We're also looking around the Mall at Turtle Creek and also looking at all of our school zones to make sure that they have sidewalks where moms can pick them up and things like that," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said their focus is not only to get people through the city, but bring people to the city.

One of 2014's main attractions, the Miracle League Field, will do just that. Mayor Perrin said five states have already signed contracts to participate in a huge tournament there in 2015.

"What I wanted to do today, really and truly, was show them the numerous projects and the process that you go through, that nothing happens quickly. It takes time to get those things done," Mayor Perrin said. "It's all a partnership. With their support, we get that done."

Mayor Perrin said these accomplishments helped Jonesboro receive the Honorable Mention for the 2013 City of Distinction Quality of Life category for cities with populations over 20,000.

Mayor Perrin said great cities make great states so it is up to Jonesboro to continue its prosperous trend.

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