Gosnell community reacts to second arrest in murder case

GOSNELL, AR (KAIT)-  According toProsecuting Attorney Scott Ellington, a second arrest has been made in the caseof 11-year-old Jessica Williams of Gosnell.

The Gosnellcommunity is devastated and hopes the police can finally solve this case andgive the family a little closure.

Police have already made one arrest in this case. Christopher Sowell was released on bond last week. He was charged with the girl's murder.

Mississippi CountySheriff's Department and the Arkansas State Police arrested Freddie Sharp,29, of Gosnell Monday for rape of Jessica Williams.

"I havefriends who lived right next door to the little girl," Gosnell resident, SheilaBlocker said.

She said she was heartbroken when she heard what happened to Williams.

"It's somethingthat you would never think would happen, not in a little community like ours," Blocker said.

Laura Platt is Jessica's cousin and saidshe can't believe Sowell recently bonded out of jailand another arrest has been made.

"It's likewow but on the same hand you know for his bond to be lowered as much as it wasand then he get out, there has got to be more to the story," Platt said.

She saidshe believes Sowell started talking about what really happened.

"I think he'stalking now,whatever happened but now he's telling everything," Platt said. "It justscares me though because I have children of my own and just to know that a childmurdered is roaming the roads, it kind of makes you worry when you havechildren."

And now, people say they just hope police can find the right person responsible.

"I find itto be absolutely ridiculous, this is about a child life who has been lost inthe community," said Gosnell resident, Davida Gutierrez. "To allowsomeone who has committed murder or possibly allegedly committed murder out onbond is putting the community at risk with regards to him being out."

FreddieSharp will make a first appearance in Blytheville District CourtWednesdaymorning.

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