Williams Baptist College ready to expand

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) –Williams Baptist College is bringing new additions to campus. WBC President, Dr. Thomas Jones, said freshman enrollment is up 13% from last year. After receiving feedback from students, the college saw a need for more dinning space.

"We're going to expand the cafeteria to 2,100 sq. feet," Jones said. "That will double our capacity and make it a lot more comfortable for the students we have, and hopefully we'll have to expand it even more in the next four or five years as well."

The funding to help add on to the cafeteria came from a long time supporter of the college.

"The cafeteria has been funded primarily by a gift from Mr. M. B. Hardy from Missouri," Jones said. "He's been a long time benefactor of the college, and his wife passed away this summer, so that is who we are naming our cafeteria after."

An expanded dining area isn't the only new addition coming to campus. Their athletic program is also growing.

"We've added wresting, cross country and women's soccer," Jones said. "There are programs that we're adding that are just going to add to our student population."

Another new addition might not bring more students on campus, but it will add to the enrollment of students looking to get their degree from WBC.

"Our online program will kick off in March," Jones said. "We've never had an online program before and I think we have designed a very high quality program, which will allow us to present the Williams Baptist College experience, to those who can't come and study on campus."

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