School discusses safety with officer posted on campus

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) –   This week's school shooting in New Mexico and incidents of students bringing guns to school, makes us realize how unsafe our schools have become. School Resource officers now provide a crucial role in protecting students.

Lt. Shane Martin has been Marmaduke's school resource officer for 10 years. Originally he become the SRO through a grant, but even after that money ran out, the school and the city decided to pay his salary to keep him there.

"There's an understanding from the city and the school, if school is in session i'm here," Martin said.

Lt. Martin has several duties as the SRO, but his number one priority is making sure each and every student is kept safe during those school hours.

"Most SRO's in the United States will tell you they're going to protect those kids every day, just as if they were their own kids," Martin said.

His mentality is exactly why MHS Principal, Bill Muse, chose Martin for the position.

"Thats the type of individual we wanted," Muse said. "He's someone who was already invested in the community."

Muse said having an SRO has given him a peace of mind and comfort that the students and staff are in good hands.

"Knowing that we have an officer already here each day, already available, no in call time, no wait time, it just brings a level of security," said Muse.

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