Maynard man plans to fight a man, arrested for stabbing another

Zachary Wade Sellers (Source: Randolph County Jail)
Zachary Wade Sellers (Source: Randolph County Jail)

MAYNARD,AR (KAIT) – A Maynard man is behind bars after deputies found a man stabbed onSunday.

Lt.Michael King is with the Randolph County Sheriff's Department, and he toldRegion 8 News that on January 12, Zachary Wade Sellers went to a home on JoshuaCove to fight a man.

Lt. Kingsaid Sellers, 19, and his friend went to the home of the man Sellers wassupposed to fight, but the man stayed inside the home.

The man toldWilliam Taber that he felt uneasy by himself and asked Taber to stay with him.Meanwhile, Sellers and his friend tried to enter the home. Lt. King said the homeownertold him that after Taber came over, he fell asleep and was woken up by Taber.

Accordingto the homeowner, Taber ran outside and tried to catch up with Sellers. When hecaught up and grabbed Sellers, Taber was stabbed in the stomach area.

Accordingto Lt. King, both Sellers and his friend then ran away from the scene.

A friendmet with Sellers and the unidentified man and drove them back home. While theywere in Sellers' home, the driver told police she saw Sellers bleach the knifeand hide it in a furnace vent.

On Tuesday,a warrant was issued for Sellers' arrest. When deputies searched his home atthe 200-block of Military Road, they found several knives and a pipe used tosmoke marijuana.

In theaffidavit for his arrest, Zachary Sellers faced felony charges for attemptedmurder, attempted aggravated residential burglary, and tampering with physicalevidence.

He wasalso charged with misdemeanors for criminal mischief and possession of drugparaphernalia.

Lt. Kingsaid Taber was airlifted to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center and shared hisfamily told him he had his stomach and intestine cut and had a severeinfection.

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