Region 8 birthday girl is giving instead of getting

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) - For most six year olds, a birthday means getting presents. However, for soon to be 7-year-old Lynlee Womack, she's just asking for money. The money she raises will go to the St. Jude Foundation.

"I asked her how much she wanted to raise and she said $1000," said Lynlee's mother Shona Womack. "I was afraid she would get her feelings hurt if she didn't raise that much, so I told her that we would set the goal for $100."

However, little did they know raising $100 would be a piece of cake.

"We set up an account through St. Jude and then I just posted it on my facebook page, and told everybody that's what she was doing for her birthday," said Womack. "When I woke up the next morning, she had almost $500 already."

It didn't stop there. The donations continued to come in and within 48 hours, Lynlee had raised over $1,800.

"I thought it would be good to help the kids there," said Lynlee.

Womack works as an ER nurse for NEA Baptist, and ever other weekend at St. Jude in Memphis. For someone who sees what the children at St. Jude go through on a daily basis, Womack said she's amazed by her little girl's big heart.

"It makes me extremely proud, and It makes me think I'm doing something right in raising her," said Womack.

If you would like to donate for Lynlee's birthday click here.

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