Parade held in downtown Jonesboro to celebrate Martin Luther King Junior

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade took place Monday morning. Several churches, organizations and politicians were in attendance.

Rev. Dr. Charles Coleman has been apart of the MLK parade since it started years ago. For someone who experienced segregation, he said he's amazed at how far equality has come.

"I'm close to 70-years-old and I've been a part of both sides, the past and the present," said Coleman. "I got up this morning feeling a little teary-eyed."

It didn't matter what the color of your skin was, people were there to celebrate a man who devoted his life to equality for all.

"It shows that Dr. Martin Luther King did succeed in what he was trying to do, because he just wanted all of us to be one and to be together," said ASU student Devin Noel.

It was a chance to see first hand the legacy that Dr. King has left.

"It's just another example of what a wonderful community Jonesboro is," said Attorney Melissa Richardson. "It's a wonderful opportunity and an educational experience."

Dr. Curtis Speed grew up in Jonesboro and was chosen to be the guest speaker at the ceremony.

He reminisced on the days of playing baseball with the neighborhood kids,  and how the location of the ceremony brought back memories of his childhood.

"When the black kids would meet the white kids to play, this is where we would come.," said Speed.

Speed said Dr. King has always been an inspiration, and he tries to live out his dream everyday.

"What inspired me is that he wanted fairness for everyone," said Speed.

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