Parents react to public shaming punishment for children

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Parents in Houston chose to discipline their child by publicly humiliating him after he cussed his teacher out.

Twelve-year-old Dylan stood at the corner of a busy intersection holding a sign that explained what he had done. It was the second time Dylan had cussed out his teacher, and when the first punishment clearly didn't work, his mother thought this would do the trick. However, many parents in Region 8 disagreed with it.

"I think you need to punish your children at home," said Parent Ken Hedge. "You don't need to put them out for public display."

Parent, Rick Miller, said public humiliation isn't a way to handle any punishment.

"You should praise publicly but punish privately," said Miller. "I think that goes for family life, work place and public life as well."

Miller explained how he would have handled the situation if it was his child.

"I would think that an apology in front of everybody who witnessed the event would be appropriate," said Miller. "An apology to anyone who is driving by is going a little too far."

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