Residents against rezoning for gas station

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro City Council postponed a proposal for a new gas station along Red Wolf Boulevard.

Casey's General Store is asking the City Council to rezone a plot of land at Red Wolf Blvd and Stallings Lane.

After protests from neighbors in the area, the City Council postponed the proposal to allow time to conduct traffic studies on the area.

Casey's hopes to have the land rezoned for commercial use and build a 43-hundred square foot building with 10 fuel pumps.

But a group of residents from that area says the gas station is too close to their homes.

"There's no need for that, there's plenty of gas stations around. It will also cause great problems for those who live in the area," said Norman Stafford.

Stafford said he's also concerned about how the gas station could impact a nearby daycare. "It's not a safe place to have children playing within a hundred feet," Stafford told Region 8 News after the meeting.

Traffic is also another concern with the proposal. The only exit for the facility would be on Stallings. Both the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and Jonesboro City Traffic Engineers will conduct a study on the effect of traffic in the area.

While those studies are being conducted, the proposal will be postponed. Mayor Harold Perrin says that will allow the council to give the studies time to be conducted and can pick it back up once those studies are complete.

In their rezoning request, Casey's stated that they targeted the area because of the already high-traffic volume there.

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