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The WineRack: Does it work?

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The manufacturer of a unique product we discovered called the WineRack promises to help you make a bigger impression with a 'secret space' to sip your favorite beverage.

What the packaging fails to tell you is that you may want to carry a roll of paper towels tucked into your WineRack because when we put it to the test, there was nothing covert about this uniquely placed cup holder.

From tissues and fabric, to foam and gel filling, women have been padding their bras for about as long as they have been wearing them.

Now, there is a contraption that boosts up your bra with your favorite beverage.

The WineRack is a sports bra and we asked Kristin Sharps to help us evaluate it.

"It feels stretchy, feels soft," she said.

The WineRack is equipped with a custom-shaped removable bladder and long drinking tube designed to draft up to 25 ounces of drink from your mid-section to your mouth.

The device is intended for situations which require sipping in secrecy.

"No one would know you are drinking from your boobs," Sharps said.

An added perk, as the packaging claims, is that the device is a cheap alternative to a boob job.

Once the WineRack's bladder is filled to the brim, it can add up to two cup sizes and Sharps was quite pleased with the appearance of her chest once she put it on.

It has two big spouts for pouring, but it was a bit difficult to fill both chambers.

One of the drawbacks is that it doesn't drain equally. In fact, when we checked the WineRack's online reviews, we found several reports of deformities as one side fills and drains faster than another.

So, you basically have an ample-sized chest that withers away unevenly over time.

"Doesn't feel like a real boob at all, it's a little lumpy," Sharps said.

An online reviewer named Phil recommended squeezing your WineRack as you drink to evenly distribute the liquid inside before sealing it.

Another issue we found with the WineRack was how easy it is to leak.

Before her beverage bra was even on, Sharps was lactating sports drink everywhere.

"It's like under-boob sweat," she said.

The bladder easily slid into its secret bra storage area, but it also easily slid out.

Determined to test the WineRack's durability, we watched Sharps make turns on an obstacle course and the sudden movements sent fluid flying into the air.

A simple twist of her torso, cut her off completely from sipping any of the liquid inside.

We asked her if the WineRack works, and she replied, "No."

While it was fun to test the product, Sharps says from now on her hands will be carrying her beverages and not her curves.

The WineRack bra is machine washable, but the bladder must be cleaned by hand.

Nevertheless, Sharps intends to hang onto this unique sports bra. She says without the bladder it provides a secret storage unit for credit cards, snacks, or just about anything else you feel comfortable carrying against your chest.

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Additional Information:

The following information is from (Source:

  • Comes in Small (32A thru 34B) or Medium (bra sizes 34C to 38C).
  • Sports bra with polyurethane bladder which holds 25 ounces of beverage.
  • Removable bladder custom-shaped to fit the bra.
  • Long drinking tube with on/off valve to control the flow.
  • Bra is machine washable, hand wash bladder.
  • Manufacturer claims it can turn a "A cup" into a Double D.

The following product reviews were posted on (Source:

  • J. Ng (San Francisco, CA): "This works exactly like it says, but with a few issues. First, it's difficult to close the mouth piece completely shut so it's fairly easy for the thing to leak all over the floor, on your shoes, etc. Then the next thing you know, you have nothing left in your rack. Secondly, when full, the outer edges of your boobs will look a little deformed. The worst part however is that the black bra actually stained my skin as well as my clothes. I had to throw away the shirt I had been wearing due to the fact that it had formed a light blueish tint all around the bra area. This might be easily remedied by washing it first."
  • Sarah Jane: "All in all, the product works as advertised and makes for a very funny conversation piece... but I probably won't ever wear it to a concert or sporting event. Less hassle to just pony up cash for drinks at the bar!"
  • Phil: "You gotta squeeze the boobs around, as you drink to even out boob size because the middle cleavage part sort of closes off one side of the drink. and then you kinda have to squeeze it to the next boob to drink like toothpaste."
  • Gali Gusso – "My friend absolutely loves it! She goes to many football games and used this rack a couple of times. She said it leaked a little bit until she figured out how to use it. But now, it not just works perfectly, but makes it a lot of fun at the stadium, so you can keep yourself warm and happy."

The following information is from (Source:

  • The Wine Rack can inflate a girl's chest by up to two sizes.
  • The bra was produced by
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