New tax helps update school

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- The Cross County special school election recently passed in a 69-15 vote to help with the expansion of the elementary school and updating the high school door and locks.

Thesuperintendent of the Cross County School District, Carolyn Wilson, said she wants to take action now to prevent something bad from happening later.

"We've beenworking on getting ready for the active shooter drills the city has mandated," Wilson said.

Wilson has also been working to improve the safetyat the high school.

"We've knownfor a long time that we wanted to replace the door, we have a camera system inplace but some of our doors don't lock, when you go out you have to lock them," she said.

But Wilsonplans to change that before the next school year.

"We'rereplacing doors, we doing some safety issues that we need to address,"Wilson said.

Wilson saidthey have asked several agencies to inspect the structure of the school andmake any recommendations.

"The kidshave to go out for football, our agr-ri building is separate, our band buildingis separate," Wilson said. "There aretoo many things where they have to leave the building and come back in for."

Wilson said thehigh school will get self-locking doors and upgrade their camera system.

"We put inthe camera systems, the outside doors are locked and you have to ring in but westill have about three outside doors that we have to constantly go back andcheck," she said.

In additionto adding more security to the high school, the elementary school will get twoadditional classrooms.

"We haveknown for some time that we were going to have to build on to our elementaryschool," Wilson said.

Wilson says theelementary school has been overcrowded for about 2 years now. All changes areexpected to be done before August.

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