Trash truck slams into Hornersville Fire Department

HORNERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - A Region 8 fire department's training facility was destroyed Wednesday morning after a driver drove a truck into the building.

The driver "had a stroke and blacked out" and drove the truck into the Hornersville Fire Department's meeting and training facility, according to Branum's Disposal Services owner Regina Branum.

Greg Fletcher said he saw the accident happen as he was walking to the post office from his home that is located across the street from the fire department.

"I ran over there from my house and I couldn't see him, but the truck was running and it was still trying to push, but it was against another building," he said. "He was down between the seats and the floorboard and I started talking to him and checking him for injuries and trying to get him out."

Fletcher and Hornersville Police Chief JoBeth Patterson assisted the man in getting out of the truck. "He seemed coherent and not impaired in any way, but he didn't understand what had happened. He asked me what happened and I said, 'I don't know. What did happen?' In other words, 'You were driving. What did happen?'" Fletcher said.

Mayor Foresythe said the building is a couple of years old and was still in the process of being renovated through money raised by the fire department.

"Benefits and fundraisers and their fire calls and stuff like that would go to a fund, and they wanted to take their fund and make a place to have their own meetings and something they could call their own."

Branum's Disposal delivered a dumpster to help the city with cleanup.

"We have a great relationship with (Branum's Disposal Services) and we know this right here is not going to hamper our relationship, but it does slow down our meetings," said Mayor Foresythe.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

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