Where do most traffic accidents happen in Jonesboro?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- In 2013, there were a total of 2,568 traffic accidents in Jonesboro according to a report by the Jonesboro Police Department.

Most accidents happened in October from 12 noon to 6 pm. JPD said with more cars on the roads it only takes one distracted driver to cause an accident.

"Stadium, Caraway and Highland especially on Stadium a lot of accidents happen, people try to get in and out of businesses," Perry Smith, manager of Mattress King in Jonesboro.

Smith said he has witnessed a lot of accidents.

"I've seen on Stadium as many as 3 accidents in a day, hundreds of cars trying to get home from work or get to lunch or whatever," he said.

Red Wolf Blvd, Highland, Caraway and Nettleton are the more popular roads in Jonesboro where most accidents tend to occur. Sgt. Doug Formon with JPD said another problem intersection is Main and Nettleton.

"Sometimes the traffic that turns off of main street want to go east bound then it gets blocked off again by a red light again there at Church and suddenly you have that congestion," Formon said.

He said anytime you have 5 or 6 lanes at an intersection there tends to be more congestion and confusion.

"Anytime you have a lot more cars, a lot more drivers , it takes that one un attended driver then suddenly you're going to have an accident," Formon said.

He said most accidents are caused by drivers texting behind the wheel.

"Some have taken texting from the steering wheel where they had a good view, and now the law says you can't text so they put their phones in their laps so they are constantly having their eyes away from the road," Formon said.

He said city officials are looking into ways to alleviate traffic congestion. But Smith has a few ideas of his own.

"As we grow, we're going to need some bypasses I guess because we are going to continue to grow or not let people in to the city," he said.

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