Blytheville residents voice concerns about living conditions at public housing complex

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT)-Blytheville residents are outraged at the conditions of a senior public housing complex.

A town hall meeting was held Saturday morning so residents could voice their concerns to city and Mississippi County officials.

"I want the city to know what's going on with our seniors and how they're living and how the HUD here in town is allowing them to live," said Jessie Mitchell, an advocate for the residents at Clear Lake Apartment complex.

Mitchell is just one of many Blytheville residents outraged with the conditions at Clear Lake Apartments.

"The bed bugs, the holes in the walls with rats and even snakes coming in their apartments," she said. "These are our seniors and they shouldn't have to live like that."

Mitchell was among those who voiced her concerns at the meeting.

"I have a sister who loves over there and it saddens me because she has gotten sick so many times because it's been 8 degree,5 degree weather here and she's come out with pneumonia," she said.

Mitchell said her sister's apartment has holes in the wall and is missing baseboards.

Johnnie Stubbs has lived at Clear Lake for 14 years and says the living conditions are unbearable.

"Those people don't even have people in a position where they can even help them because they can barely help themselves," Stubbs said. "They can't afford to keep living how they're living, I can't and I'm not as old as they are."

We reached out to the Blytheville Housing Authority; but, their office was closed. Executive Director Sue Alexander told the Blytheville Courier News:

"We're doing what we can as quickly as we can. I know there are things over at Clear Lake that need to be done and we're working on that right now, getting the apartment fixed up. I've got a lot of units over there; they're going to go in and pull up the carpet and lay floor tile and put the baseboards back around, fill holes in the wall, paint the walls, paint the ceiling , and we're doing that in every apartment over there."

Alexander also told the Blytheville Courier News that a $110,000 project has begun to fix up the Clear Lake Apartments.

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