Concerns raised about deadly intersection

Photo taken of the scene Jan. 25
Photo taken of the scene Jan. 25

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man was found dead inside his car that was trapped in a large ditch near the intersection of Twin Oaks and Woodsprings Rd. Saturday.

According to Corporal McEntire with the Jonesboro Police Department, Chad Barrett Davison, 42, died after his Chevy Cobalt became airborne and landed in a drainage ditch.

Neighbors said this stretch of road has always been dangerous.

"It's just so tragic," neighbor Lindy Gschwend said. "I hate to think about him, I hope that he died instantly, and he wasn't sitting there cold all night long."

Gschwend was there to see the accident's aftermath.

"We came back into town right as they were pulling the car out," Gschwend said. "Some boys had found him. They had been playing in the ditch. It's like something out of a movie."

Gschwend has lived off Woodsprings Rd. for 12 years and can only recall one other accident at the same place.

"Coming from the other direction, another car has gone down in that ditch previously, but this is the first time I think one has come from that direction," Gschwend said.

Now that a life has been taken, Gschwend said something needs to be done. 

"I think that perhaps a barrier should be put up," Gschwend said.

Gschwend said people also need to obey the posted 25 mph speed limit. 

"It's a very speedy area," Gschwend said.

Jonesboro Police agree. 

"I've noticed several cars coming around the corner that are probably doing 35, 40 mph easily," Sgt. Doug Formon said. "Watch those speeds, especially in late evening hours."

Sgt. Formon said the railings along the roadway are working properly, but a barrier could help.

"The barricades that are here now, obviously, one car did fit through them just barely. Sure, something could be put up," Sgt. Formon said.

Sgt. Formon said a railing was put up to keep people from going in the ditch, but it does not extend all the way down to where the accident happened.

Until something can be done, Sgt. Formon urges all neighbors to contact police if they hear anything out of the ordinary.  

"Don't hesitate a minute. There's officers out all hours of the night. We'll come check it out," Sgt. Formon said.  

Jonesboro street superintendent Steve Tippitt told Region 8 News he is talking with city engineers now to see if the department can add anything to make the roadway safer.

Tippitt said the low speed limit does not call for additional barriers or signs, but the department is still looking into it. 

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