Region 8 students showcase talent at annual arts festival

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The 13th Annual Visual andPerforming Arts Festival took place Sunday afternoon at the Northeast ArkansasEducation Cooperative Center.

Students from all overRegion 8 showcased their talents by displaying art, singing and playing aninstrument.

"There's a spark in eachone of us when we're born," said Special Speaker Senator Johnny Key. "The kidsare demonstrating what those sparks can create."

Key said he has a certainpassion for the Arts because of the way it has impacted one of his sons.

"The music is what drovehim to be successful," said Key. "Now he is studying music composition at theUniversity of Arkansas and hopes to make a career out of it."

Key said he can see thesame passion for art in the eyes of many of the students.

"It's something that I'vealways loved to do," said Black Rock Senior Jacob Duff. "I love the creativityand the randomness you can do with art."

Duff said this festival isa way for the students to show off their own unique talent.

"I think in a smallcommunity like this sports are manly emphasized, but art is something that a lotof people are good at," said Duff. "I think it's good to show all of the artwork that people have done in this community."

Key said it's so importantthat schools keep encouraging creative minds.

"The community needs tounderstand that school is not just about books and memorization," said Key. "Schoolis so much more and learning is so much more, than what you read in a textbook."

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