Lunch lady fulfills lifelong dream, writes children's book

SOUTHSIDE, AR (KAIT) – A cafeteria worker has served up a lifelong dream by writing her own children's book.

Evelyn "Deanie" Young has worked in the cafeteria at Southside Elementary School for five years now, but she has wanted to write a book since she was in high school.

After finding a publisher online, she recently released her first children's book entitled "God Loves Santa Claus Too." She said her own children inspired her to write about believing both in God and Santa Claus.

"When my daughter was little and she came to and asked me was Santa real, it was kind of difficult because we always went to church, and I always expressed how God was real," Young said. "I thought [by writing this book] it would be easier for people to tell their kids, too."

Young said all of her story ideas relate back to her strong faith.

"When I first wanted to start writing, it wasn't even children's book that I was wanting to write. I think that's why I couldn't finish one," she explained. "So when I finally just told God whatever You want me to write, I'll write. He's just been laying these left and right on my heart to write, so that's how it came about to write children's books."

Young said she has probably sold almost 300 copies of her first book so far. She is currently shopping around two other books and hopes to get them published sometime soon.

If anyone is interested in purchasing "God Loves Santa Claus Too," follow this link.

People can also visit Southside Elementary School to pick up a signed copy of the book from the author herself.

The book is published by Dorrance Publishing and costs about $14.

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