University explains safety protocols in case of gunman on campus

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Just one month into the new year and already two universities have encountered a gunman on campus.

Arkansas State University Police Chief, Randy Martin, said they began teaching a five step process called the ALICE Program after the Virginia Tech shooting back in 2006.

"ALICE stands for Alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate," said Martin.

The procedures teach students, faculty and staff what the best option is for them to stay safe, depending on where they are in location to the shooter.

"We do that through our first year experience program," said Martin. "Our entering freshmen have a making connection class, and in that class it's a mandatory requirement that they come to our training."

They also give important numbers and an email address to alert officers, if they ever see or hear a gunman on campus.

"Sometimes in an active shooter situation, especially if you're in a lockdown situation, talking on a phone might give away your location but they can email us," said Martin.

In order to alert the rest of campus, an emergency alert will be sent to their phones.

"It's called the emergency alert system, and it sends texts to the faculty, staff and students telephones," said Martin. "It also sends emails."

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