Five year anniversary of 2009 Ice Storm

Ice storm 5 years later

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Five years ago today, Region 8 was suffering the aftermath of a massive ice storm.

"We never thought much about it before until that happened," Craighead County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator David Moore said.

That was the same for most of Region 8.

"We realized that even though we'd been preparing for something like that, we needed to prepare even more."

Moore said from an emergency response standpoint, the '09 ice storm was an eye opener.

"We were able to test our capabilities to the maximum."

Moore said they were able to find out what areas they needed to improve on, including communication and coordination with everyone involved in the clean-up process.

"I was very happy with what we were able to do even though we did run into those problems. But when you run into those problems, you overcome them at that time and then prepare for them the next one."

Though we've not dealt with something that severe and widespread since, there have been a few scares.

Moore said that '09 storm had them ready each and every time.

"In the '09 ice storm, we were actually prepared the day before. We actually set up our emergency operations center and operated before the night before the ice storm actually hit," Moore explained. "When these close calls came in the last couple of months, we were even more prepared."

Moore said the greatest thing they took with them was the importance of working together.

"Everybody working together just makes everything go so well."

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