Highway 67 Coalition Submits Application to MODOT

October 20, 2004 – Posted at 3:15 p.m. CDT

POPLAR BLUFF --imagine a four-lane highway running from Little Rock to St. Louis.

"If you live in the state of Missouri and you live in a county with a four lane highway, you're average income is around $32,000 dollars a year. If you live in a county without a four lane highway, it's closer to $26,000, and to me that's a bigotry towards rural Missouri and it's time we ended that," said Scott Faughn Chairman of the Highway 67 Coalition.

The Highway 67 Coalition submitted their final application to the Missouri Department of Transportation Wednesday.

"Essentially, all the work we've done we've put it together and put the numbers in black and white. And we're telling the state of Missouri this is what we're submitting to get this promise kept," said Faughn.

"We've been visiting with staff going over the details. We're hoping to get approval from that in November and then we'll proceed forward. We hope to see progress in 2005 on highway 67," said Butler County Commissioner Robbie Myers.

Once the highway 67 project is fully completed it will open a four-lane corridor from Little Rock to St. Louis. And more importantly a four-lane road will run from Chicago to Dallas-Fort Worth.

"Once that four lane is a reality, I think the whole corridor will see great growth, jobs and opportunities," said Myers.

But the next step in the process of making highway 67 four lanes, may be up to the residents of Region 8.

Faughn said, "We'll appear before the transportation commission and hopefully finalize an agreement. And once we get an agreement finalized, we'll go to the voters."

The proposal would begin construction of four lanes from northern butler county to Cherokee Pass in Madison County. After that is completed, construction on the southern part of Highway 67 will begin.