Popular guitar company helps students rock out

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT)- Imboden Area Charter School now has the ability to rock out thanks to Fender Guitar Corporation.

Imboden Area Charter School Teacher, Mike McLeod, said when he noticed that his students were interested in playing guitar he took it upon himself to help get them started.

"I wanted them to have a guitar that they could use, and at least at school could call their own," said McLeod.

The long time music lover researched ways he could make that happen without breaking the bank.

"I saw it online and mailed the application and the Fender Guitar Corporation gave us a grant for 8 musical instruments," said McLeod. "We picked acoustic guitars for them."

Not only do the guitars allow the students to pick up a hobby, McLeod said music helps the students with their academics.

"There is a strong correlation between music and mathematics," said McLeod.

It also gives the students a higher self esteem and a desire to learn.

"They feel good about school, they feel good about themselves and that's very important in any school," said McLeod.

For student Brycen Smith, his love for guitar began long before the school received them.

"My paw-paw had been playing it for a while and I figured it looked fun," said Smith. I tried it and just like that, I liked it."

Smith, who has been playing for almost four years now, said the new guitars will be a good thing for the students.

"It gives kids a chance to express themselves in different ways," said McLeod.

For the link to the Fender Guitar Outreach click here.

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