FCC considers getting rid of landlines; many don't agree

PIGGOTT,AR (KAIT)- Consumers are ditching standard landlines phones for cell phones. It's been a growing trend for the past 15 years, and now The Federal Communications Commission may throw out the landlines and adopt newer technology.

On Thursday, the FCC voted to conduct a trial that would consist of volunteers across the nation to stop using their existing phone lines and only use voice over internet protocol, also known as a VoIP, from companies like AT&T and Verizon. The FCC can get a better understanding of how service would be for all users especially those in rural areas that don't always have the best broad-band or wireless service.

Clay County Judge, Gary Howell, said he feels it's best to just keep options available for those who still want to keep a landline.

"In small towns like Corning, Rector and Piggott all the older people use landlines," said Howell. "A lot of them have cell phones, but a lot of them don't."

Clay County 9-1-1 Coordinator, Darlene Tanner shares the same concern.

"We have so many elderly people who live in our county, most of them are accustomed to cell phones but there are a lot who don't like cell phones or don't want cell phones," said Tanner.

The FCC stated they'll conduct proper and accurate trials to see that millions of Americans aren't stuck with glitchy services.

For the official document from the FCC click here.